On Sleeping

(06 November 2001, Cebu)

When the world has taken its nightly rest,
I am still awake and far from the calls of slumber.
Your face delivers me from sleep
And hurls my mind to distant memories we’ve shared together
Your voice occupies my ears till
The rooster’s crows announce morning.
It is then that I take respite from the long night
I had with your memories.

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4 responses to “On Sleeping

  • Kikit

    Lucky her! Someone’s thinking about her at night. 🙂

  • Kikit

    Di na makatulog, di na makakain, tagyawat sa ilong, pati na sa pisngi, sa kakaisip sayo, tagyawat dumarami…

    What do you get when you fall in love? Pimples. 🙂

  • coolwaterworks

    Hahaha!!! Pimples diay… I toyed with this composition while reviewing for the board exams, and finalized the long draft the day after the exams… 🙂 Kailangan ng inspiration eh… 🙂

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