Pictures and Old Books

(05 March 2004, Lapu-lapu)

I have just opened an old book that I have bought a few weeks ago from a thrift house. The book smelled pungently. I found a bookmark and a picture of young kids (taken during the New Year of ’89) tucked in its pages.

The scent of the book and the picture sent me to distant summers. It reminded me of lazy afternoons spent in my home when I would just lay right at the door of our kitchen. Our house was elevated from the ground and the kitchen floor is made of bamboo slits. In those afternoons, I would just do nothing but observe the swaying of the trees outside. There were times I would read those old literature books that I rummaged from an abandoned library of a college inside our high school campus. Sometimes my reading menu would include very old English textbooks. I have in my collection an American Occupation textbook where “itlogs” are written as “eclogs” and the most popular mode of transportation is the carabao cart. I also have two “Diosdado Macapagal” and two “Bagong Lipunan” books.

Books encapsulate time. With my books, I was able to glimpse into the past. The characters were all alive and moving in my imagination. The scenarios became vivid and moving to life.
Sometimes I read my elementary books. They keep the child in me alive and happy.

The picture of the kids somehow got me curious. What happened to these kids after 1989? I was in the third grade then. Where are they now?

Where are they now? That is always the unanswered question every time I see familiar faces in the pictures I have. The look of youth, the look of eagerness, the look of being worry-free, the look of having so much promise. Where are they now? Believe me, pictures can ask.

As for the kids, I cannot answer. For the familiar faces, some of them cramp my inbox everyday. Some are still there, where I have last seen them.

Now gone are those lazy afternoons. What is left are vivid and happy memories that I try to put into words.

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