Under the Moon and the Stars

(06 July 2009, Cebu)

Nights came early over the hacienda during my early childhood years. They were usually silent. Only the crickets and the cicadas seemed excited to practice their symphonies. Occasionally, a dog would bark. People have their dinners early. Some would spend some time listening to their favorite radio dramas after eating and before going to sleep.

My uncle owned the only battery-powered television in the hacienda during that time. The living room in their concrete house near a creek was always full of people, young and old, all transfixed to this box that satiated their imagination. My father was one of them. Having no television of our own, he would go to my uncle’s house to watch basketball games. In many of these games, he would usually bring me with him.

He would lead me by hand until we reach my uncle’s house. I would usually sit near the television set along with other children. I do not have memories of those games. What I remember was that I am always awakened by the grownups’ loud chorus of claps probably whenever their favorite player or team made an almost impossible shot or has gained the lead. Sometimes I would be awakened by my father. Time to go – he would say. I would stand and go quickly to the door to join the scrambling. I need to get my own correct pair of slippers.

The owner of the house would usually bring out their kerosene lamp to settle disputes of slipper ownerships. Commotions like this often happen. Some people would bring their own lamps. My father would always talk to my aunt and uncle about grownup matters and usually we would be the last to leave. We would have the streets on our own.

Our home was a 10-minute walk from my uncle’s house. Those many 10-minute walks are perhaps the fondest memories I have of my father. He would carry me on his shoulders. I would grab his hair for support. And all the time, I would look up to the sky.

On many of those nights, the stars have shone brightly over Hacienda Isabel. On other nights, there would be the moon. The night sky was a spectacle to behold while I was on top of my father’s broad shoulders. It seemed that the sky was sprayed with pieces of twinkling glass. It was in one of those nights that I knew some people had already landed on the moon.

Many times when the moon was out, I would ask my father to stop walking. I wanted to make sure that the moon was not following us. However, every time he would stop, the moon would also stay still.

The wonder and awe of watching the stars during those nights cannot be surpassed by any of the many stargazing pursuits I have done when I was already of age. Now when I look up to the night sky I am amazed that I am looking at history – light emitted by stars some thousands and millions of years ago has just reached my eyes. I might also be looking at planets and galaxies yet to be discovered. These amazements however could not outdo the magic of those nights when, while perched on my father’s shoulder, I looked to the heavens and my father walked under the moon and the stars.

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12 responses to “Under the Moon and the Stars

  • blurosebluguy

    wow! speechless and in awe…dont know what to say as i silently unravel my thoughts on your post…magical nights…memories of childhood…assuring presence of a father..what more can i say!
    …these are things that money could not buy…
    salamat for sharing this story…

    Thanks for visiting Kuya Blu! Indeed, the best things in life sometimes come for free… 🙂 And the repetitious remembrances as well…

  • tinay

    ahay. pls don’t wake me up 🙂

    Hehehe… Thanks Tin… You have to wake up or you might end up somewhere… Just kidding… Thanks again! 🙂

  • dFish

    I am transfixed by the serene flow of your remembrance of those moments. I was chuckling within upon getting to the point of scrambling for slippers under the uneven spray of lamps’ lights. How topsy-turvy yet so close as one watching community. And under the cosmic magic of the moon and the stars, you’re right, the father-son tandem, your tandem with your father, was almost inexplicable, beyond words, because the tie was so deeply woven into the mysteries of their silent beauty. Unforgettable indeed because it was so primal, etched even beyond those recoverable memories. It runs deeper than the slipper-scrambling.

    Thank you kapatid… I think what made it more memorable was that during that moment, we were ourselves – simply father and son. We loved each other that way for many, many nights with the stars and the moon. Another factor that made it stand out as the fondest is perhaps due to the fact that I did not have a smooth relationship with my father when I was growing up. There were many times I don’t understand him and wished he’d explained himself. But my admiration for my father did not stop and we have been friends for a very long time now… 🙂

  • aksoriyalmo

    hm, bukas ko na lang siya basahin! hehe. naantok na po ako.

    Sure Ax… Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  • dencios

    upon reading i could imagine how nice the setting is kasi very detailed ang kwento mo feeling ko tuloy i am at the same place pero different dimension and seeing all these moments of yours.

    moments, memories, childhood.. good life.

    gudam mula sa Dubai!

    Uy, salamat sa pagdalaw dito sa mas tahimik kong bahay… 🙂 Buti naman, gumana ang imagery sa ‘yo… Ang sarap magreminisce eh… Medyo hitik nga ako sa mga kwento ng pagkabata… Hindi siguro “good life” kapatid… “Eventful life” maybe is the proper description… Hirap kasi ng buhay namin noon… 😀 Pero sa mga susunod na mga kwento na yan… Salamat muli sa pagdaan… 🙂

  • junjeesj

    yeah… i remember my growing up years… lumaki din kasi ako sa bukid. enjoyed the orchestra of crickets and cicadas, the romantic scenes under the starlight, amuzement on our black and white TV set… haaayy… those were the days… kung maibabalik lang sana… 🙂

    • coolwaterworks

      Masarap ngang balik-balikan ang mga ganitong alaala ng kabataan. 🙂 Although it is impossible for us to bring back the past, for each of those moments that passed, something beautiful has remained – we have the joy of reminiscences… 🙂

  • Nortehanon

    hahaha parang nakikita ko rin ang ibang writings ko sa writings mo kahit hindi ako magaling sumulat tulad mo. Galing-galing!

  • Jorge

    wow! first time ko dito kapatid…

    nauuso ang reminiscences blog lately ah, and oh yeah, what a wonderful life we had before.. we can’t go back time but we have memories..

    galing galing mo talga kapatid! Godbless!

    • coolwaterworks

      Salamat sa pagdalaw kapatid… This blog has been up for sometime… 🙂 I just think that I also need to cultivate the writer in me which has surfaced long before I discovered my passion for photography. 🙂

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