Just Like in High School

(29 June 2010, Cebu)

There was a slight drizzle when I woke up early this morning. And there were many puddles of brown water outside – remnants of the heavy rains last night. I decided to bring my umbrella to work.

The early morning smell of the wet grasses, the cool breeze of the air, and the soft, slippery feel of rain-soaked soil on the sole of my shoes transported me to many years ago. I remembered what it was like to go to school in June. Like today, it was difficult to get out of bed. I just wanted to snooze all day.

When I entered the taxi cab, I again realized the stark contrast of my life before – entering the public jeepney with soaked shoes and socks, wet backpack and moistened books and notebooks and leaving behind wet newspapers used for cover.

Now, I sank comfortably in the taxi’s backseat with my small backpack and with my umbrella resting on the opposite side. While I was blasted with the taxi’s air freshener, I remembered the smell of my wet backpack mingling with the pungent humid air inside the jeepney while I was clutching it close to my chest.

I started work by reading my emails and then I was off to a meeting. The sun has started to shine when I got out in one of the company’s buildings after the meeting. I couldn’t help but smile. I was still wrapped in nostalgia. While walking past the company’s flagpoles, I remembered those early morning flag ceremonies in high school during the rainy months – the sun shyly shining while we were forming broken lines – due to water puddles in the school’s grounds.

Despite the moldy shoes and smelly socks after getting drenched in the rain many times and occasionally stepping into potholes and puddles I went by just fine…

Today is one of those many days of reckoning and life has opened a cornucopia of memories to reassure me that today, just like in high school, I will be just fine…

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6 responses to “Just Like in High School

  • totomel

    another beautiful piece Utod….

    when you have beautiful moments in the past, you become nostalgic of them and how you wish to go back and savor their sweetness all over again. and you have captured that here through poetic composition.

    i share the same sentiment with you for I too had been in a similar situation before.sometimes it made me think that what people deem to be unfortunate moments in the past could bear so much beauty for us. it is just a matter of looking at the world differently.=)

    • coolwaterworks

      Thank you Utod…

      And I agree… We always realize the beauty of the past in the light of the present. And that I think is the luxury of hindsight… And of a differently colored looking glass… 🙂

  • plaridel

    one thing about life… we don’t really know where it’ll take us. sometimes the suspense can be overwhelming. it causes us to worry a lot only to realize later that that most of our worries never happen.

    • coolwaterworks

      Amen Plaridel… Worrying is sometimes greater than the actual event, and much of our energy is spent on it…
      And thanks to hindsight and reminiscences, sometimes we are assured that the journey will be fine…

  • desertfishing

    I remember the net bag of streaked colors of blue and red and yellow popularly used in going to the market for fish and veggies. Cheap as it was then, in hindsight, it appeared almost sacred to me now when it held my books and paper, perhaps, worrisome that the June rain will wet-to-damage our early treasures. Yes Kapatid, times have changed even in trickles and the objects that accompany us also evolve from the social indifference of our net bags and battered backpacks to the niceties of our present bags of many a safe compartments. God be blessed…

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