(10 November 2009)
written in response to this post

Yes, I am like you
I contain the same glow,
This ancient power that spurned
Myriads of worlds and stars,
This same force to end
All of those lost begotten…

Feed it not with fear
For it will consume you!
Free rein should be confined
Least it burn the vessel
That allows it to live…
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(15 February 2010)

A pair of feet waged on towards the top of the hills.

The short, quick flicking sounds of grasshoppers making a dash for safety blended discordantly with the rustling of the grass blades. Shadows are growing long, and so the rush. The golden orb is now about to kiss the hills.
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A Month Full of Kindness

(14 February 2010)

The aerial memories of seasons passed have again swept me. It rode with the scents in the supermarket’s meat section, in the ethers in the fruit section, and in the julienned pieces of veggies in the vegetable section. Windswept in the cloud of reminiscences, I strolled aimlessly forgetting the details of the present. I reminisced about my very first month in Cebu, a month full of kindness.

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Reflections on Fear and Pain

A few days ago, a fellow blogger wrote to me about his reflections on fear and pain. It somehow prompted me to write one for myself and as a comment to his letter.

Fear is a necessary evil.

As we grow older, our consciousness of the “I” in us also grows. We come to grips with the intricacies of life, and we become more aware that we are vulnerable mortals. We experience pain. We realize death as an eventuality. Most of all, we come to know day by day that life has far too many uncertainties. And so, the innate instinct in all of us animate beings that has been passed down from generation to generation is slowly being awakened and the instinct is called self-preservation.
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Waiting Almost Done

(01 September 2009, Cebu)

Now the waiting is almost done.
I lingered to see your shadow
With the sun on your back.
I passed the time to see
And to hold the sweet face
I pined for a long time.
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Squatters with Roosters

(04 August 2009, Cebu)

We lived inside a private compound of a kind Filipino-Chinese pastor for a year. Many things had happened when we were there. I began my first year in school and ended it at the top of the class. We sold the last piece of precious property that reminded us of affluent times in the hacienda – our tricycle. My mother cried that day. My mother’s father passed away. My mother cried that day too. And we all went home to the hacienda to attend the wake and the funeral.
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Under the Moon and the Stars

(06 July 2009, Cebu)

Nights came early over the hacienda during my early childhood years. They were usually silent. Only the crickets and the cicadas seemed excited to practice their symphonies. Occasionally, a dog would bark. People have their dinners early. Some would spend some time listening to their favorite radio dramas after eating and before going to sleep.
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